Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kendyl's Field Trip

Pumpkin Carving

Ken was a trooper and loved helping with the pumpkins. Syd on the other hand...I told her to clean out her pumpkin and she put her hands up like lil miss priss and said 'no mommy dirty'. I said that's ok you can take a bath when you are done. She said,' no mommy cucky'. Wow... she just might be my girly girl.

A Princess Sleeps Here

I had to take this picture more because it has a teeny story than the fact she is completely asleep sitting up. I had just got home from work and she was sitting just like that, I have no idea if she was awake or not when I walked in, she just said 'hi mom' next thing I know I turn around and this is what I saw. She takes such comfort in knowing we are all home together.

Chuck E Cheese

We decided to brave the crowd and take Ken and Syd to see the 'rat' (as my brother would say). As far as the kids are concerned the place is great. Thanks to one my friends I was prewarned that there was No stage and No pop out characters. I was so sad. I guess they weren't really thinking of my generation when they built it though. The kids had a great time and that's really what we were going for!

Still Chuck E Cheese

Our Girls

Crazy Snow Storm!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yo, Yo Kendyl Jo

I forgot to post this picture the other night, but it is a must. I walked into my room to find her doing this pose over and over again in my mirror. Then she turned to me and said, "mom is this cool?" Seriously I want to live in her head for a day. She is so funny.

Etched in......Wood

So after Trav went duck hunting we went to Meeks Cabin to meet some of my family for the Elk Hunt. We all know the weather was not so great, so needless to say the girls and I were stuck in the trailer a lot. They did surprisingly well. We still had such a good time, we love to go camping. I love being in the mountains away from the world for a minute. No phones ringing and enjoying each others company. Due to the weather, unfortunately there were no camp fires. During our little trip Kendyl kept saying when she grows up she wants to be a cowgirl and a hunter girl. As we were leaving to come home 7 deer were crossing the road, a couple Doe, fawns and a little 2 point, so that was fun for the girls to see.
I said it before, Trav is a great dad. He had this cute idea to take the girls for a ride on my brothers Ranger and carve their names into a tree.

I wasn't there for this pic, but knowing Trav I am pretty sure they are flexing their muscles.
Ken and I went for a ride when the sun decided to grace us with its presence...for 10 minutes!! Thanks Gayla and Brandon for giving my a girls an enjoyable weekend.
I can literally say she is a 'happy camper'.

Friday, October 3, 2008

So... I think I am caught up for a minute. I don't know how some of you keep up with this on a regular basis. Look at the time on my posts and you will see when I actually get to sit and do this. Oh and by the way my kid that never sleeps is still up with me. WHAT! I will try to better at posting and not waiting weeks at a time.

Ashy Babe!

Chunky Monkey...Look how big she is getting.
She is so smiley, I love it! That right there is such a reassurance that it is all worth it.
She didn't love it but we have to do it, right?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nucor Family Picnic

Ken was too short so Trav is back there holding her up!

Kendyl and friend Alli in the bounce house.

Face Painting!! Ohhh cuuute.......Yeah totally stood in line for 2, count them 2 hours. The lady that did Syd's said she has never done Minnie Mouse before!?

It was a very fun picnic. They had lots of activities for the kids.

Happy Happy Al!!

It was my sister-in-laws birthday, my brother, who is so kind put her candles on her cake. They say 30 but really she is 29. She has another year, me on the other hand only 3 more months!!

Where's Syd?

We couldn't find Syd for a minute...or two. I had NO idea while I was working on the computer she had crawled under my chair and fallen asleep. Had to get a pic because this is my kid that never sleeps.

Another Day at the Trout Farm

I couldn't let this pic sit out, look at Kendyl!!

Nope, no pics of the 4 fish they caught. Trav told me he was too nervous with them around the water. Thanks Trav, I would much rather have my kids than pics of the fish they caught. Syd caught 1 fish and Ken caught the other 3. I am lucky, Trav is such a great Dad. He is very willing to spend time with his girls.

Best Seat in the House!

A 'bumbo' is a must!!! Ash is 3 months now and loves to sit in her bumbo, that is until her head gets a little heavy. (Or as Syd would say 'hebby')