Friday, January 2, 2009

Whatever Works!?!

What I love most right now is that it is January and I am just posting Halloween!


This is what happens to my baby if left alone with her crazy sisters for 2 minutes too long...she gets decorated!

Sydney as 'Minnie'. Thanks Lyndsey for making such a darling costume!
Ash was a piggy.....because doesn't it make sense to have all your babies use the same costume?!

Ken HAD to be a flower so you guessed it folks I had to make it! I thought it turned out quite well. I did have a little help with the assembling.

Deseret Elk Hunt

Trav's dad drew out on Deseret this year for the Elk hunt and Trav was able to take time to go with him and help in any way he could. They had success as you can see. I know Trav is greatful that he got to experience that with his Dad and I am proud of him for making it such a priority.

They brought the beast home so we could see it and of course Ken was all over it,
while Syd on the other hand not so sure.

Ken wasn't sure about sitting on his head, not because it was a huge animal, not because it was dead, no..she didn't want any blood to get on her. (I don't blame her)